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CIY Believe is a high-energy weekend event for middle school students only. It is structured specifically for middle schoolers and is packed with powerful worship and teaching from God's word.

While at Believe, students not only worship together but also engage in life-challenging discussions with their peers and adult leaders. As they go through the weekend, they discover ways in which God is calling them to be Kingdom workers in their schools, communities and the world.

This year's theme is called With, and focuses on teaching how a relationship with Jesus is where life really comes from. This year's Believe tour will help middle school students know exactly what it means to have a relationship WITH Jesus.

IMPORTANT: If the student plans on participating in the port-a-pit fundraiser on April 14th, please only pay the minimum amount of $30 at the time of registration. After the fundraiser you will be contacted again to inform you of the remaining balance.


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CIY Believe

Event Details

  • Apr 20
    12:30 pm
    Apr 21
    6:00 pm